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Bar Rescue Track Record Looking Good

12 Mar

Bar Rescue Track Record

(In order of appearance on television)

Season 1
Bar Name: Angels Sports Bar
Location: Corona, California
New Name: Rack’s Billiards & Bourbon
RESULT: Still open/Kept New Name

Bar Name: Downey’s
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Name: Name was kept
RESULT: Still open/no name change

Bar Name: Chicago Abbey Pub and Music Theatre
Location: Chicago, Illinois
New Name: Name was kept
RESULT: Still open/no name change

Bar Name: Kilkenny’s Irish Pub
Location: Redondo Beach, California
New Name: Breakwall

RESULT: Closed.

Bar Name: Swanky Bubbles
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Name: Sheer (changed back to old name)

RESULT: Changed name back/closed

Bar Name: The Blue Frog 22
Location: Chicago, Illinois
New Name: The Local Chicago’s Best Burgers & Beer
Name-Post Bar Rescue: Blue Frog’s Local 22

RESULT: Changed name back/ Still Open

Bar Name: The Chicken Bone
Location: Framingham, Massachusetts
New Name: The Bone Chicken & Tunes (changed back to old name)

RESULT: Reverted to former name/still open

Bar Name: Champs Sports Pub
Location: Burbank, California
New Name: Name was kept
RESULT: No name change/Still open.

Bar Name: Canyon Inn Sports Bar & Grill
Location: Yorba Linda, California
New Name: Canyon Saloon Spirits & Steaks (changed back to old name)

RESULT: Changed name back/Still Open

Bar Name: Angry Ham’s Garage
Location: Framingham, Massachusetts
New Name: Octane Bar and Grill (changed back to old name)

RESULT: Reverted back to old name and theme./still open

Season 2

Bar Name: Piratz Tavern
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
New Name: Corporate Bar & Grill (changed back to old name and theme)
RESULT: reverted back to previous name/theme. Still open

Bar Name: The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
New Name: Bamboo Beach Club & Tiki Bar
RESULT: No Name Change/still open

Bar Name: J.A. Murphy’s Pub
Location: Fells Point, Baltimore
New Name: Murphy’s Law


Bar Name: Mystique Lounge
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
New Name: Aura Nightclub

RESULT: Kept new name and NOT Closed.

Bottomless Pit
Bar Name: The Olive Pit
Location: Orange, California
New Name: The O.P. (modernized old name)

RESULT: Uses both names/Still open

Bar Name: Black Sheep
Location: Cheviot, Ohio
New Name: The Public House
RESULT: Kept the great new name,/still open Another restaurant in Virginia already had the name

Bar Name: Weber’s Place
Location: Reseda, California
New Name: Weber’s Rum Bar and Grill (modernized old name)

RESULT: still open

Bar Name: Win, Place or Show Sports Bar & Grill
Location: Fairfield, Ohio
New Name: America Live Bar & BBQ

Only 3 Bars have closed. Pretty Good, considering all were failing and only had 6 months at the most! Impressive.


Press Release

12 Mar

Black Canyon City, Arizona.  March 11th, 2013, For immediate release
bar rescue
This year a projected 6,500 failing bars, nationwide, will close their doors for good. Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass BBQ Steakhouse refuses to be just another statistic. After 10 years of business, the owners agreed to put their pride aside and ask for help from Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer. On January 24th, a crew of 50 people installed hidden cameras and professional lighting throughout the bar at Kid Chilleen’s.
This was in preparation to film the reality TV show “Bar Rescue.” Over a five day period this failing bar was remolded, staff re-trained, and the spark to make the bar succeed was re-ignited. The exterior which once looked run down with chipped paint is now a bright yellow, that catches the eye of freeway travelers headed north.
The interior which always was a bit dirty and dusty, now has a cabin home-like feeling with its darker colors and dimmed lights. The name Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass BBQ was replaced with Chilleen’s on 17; Keeping a family name alive, that has been in restaurant industry for over 50 years in Arizona.
After days of training with Russell Davis, “Bartender of the year” and Chef JB Brown in the kitchen. The staff of Chilleen’s on 17 became well equipped with the skills necessary to make this once failing bar succeed. With the help of a new smoker in the kitchen, Chilleen’s on 17 has the ability to provide the best BBQ in Arizona.
The question that arises is why Kid Chilleen’s was failing in the first place. After sales decreased with the economy it was nearly impossible to keep up on all of the bills. In 2011 they were forced to file bankruptcy after the bank threatened to take the property for failing to pay the property taxes. Unfortunately due to the nature of the situation it was in the banks best interest to foreclose. Kid Chilleen’s only owed the bank half of what of the property is valued at, making them a very desirable foreclosure.  Chilleen’s on 17 is still currently fighting to keep their business.
Sales are up over 30% for the first month, since the renovation.
Chilleen’s on 17’s “Bar Rescue” episode should air in the first or second week in April.  They are episode 9 in season


Chilleen’s on 17 Bar

11 Mar

Chilleen's on 17 Bar

We survived Bar Rescue

11 Mar